Auxilium Business & Legal Division works with the difficulties, transformations, growth and business management, from a structural and organizational point of view; any proposals for growth and access to public funds, for new companies and Start-Ups. Our consultants, through constantly updated management systems, will be able to invite you to take the best path to follow in the contextual historical moment, keeping an eye on the various stages of growth and resolution of legal and administrative problems.

It also deals with assistance and advice to companies in the management and protection of credits and their assets, in disputes of a contractual nature related to supply relationships, agency, lease, insurance, contract, service administration, transport. Auxilium specializes in: labor law, corporate law, corporate law and industrial law, international trade law, bankruptcy law, banking and construction law, criminal law, arbitration in general and civil enforcement from debt collection. It supports companies in oppositions of an administrative and tax nature.

Auxilium is also next to the private citizen for social security at 360°, the right to compensation for moral and patrimonial damages of any kind.